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Friday, February 19, 2010

Ankh of Maat

Ma'at was an Egyptian deity, by some accounts brought to life by Ra.

She was revered in cults all over Egypt.

She was the divine ruler who could keep the energy of the elements balanced. This synergy was equally applicable to stars as it was to any element that could fall away from a balanced and just position.

She was seeked when chaos was troubling the body and the soul.

Ma'at is the female equivalent of Thoth.

If Thoth is scientific reasoning then Ma'at is divine spiritual wisdom.

What does the Ankh of Maat represent ?

Thoth and Maat find themselves riding in the boat of Ra but this is an older myth considering the bigger picture of all things.

Maat is much older than the Ra concept where Ra is an incarnation of Atum.

Thoth is the original Ibis.

Ibis is a Greek word that can be traced back to the ancient Egyptian glyph hb or hib. The Sacred Ibis is a bird that looks a lot like a vulture and it is often associated to Thoth.

Interestingly mummified Ibises are not uncommon in the ancient Egypt akashic record.

Crystal at crystalinks supplies us with a bit of info on Thoth. This image was taken from that site and is sub headed " Thoth and Seti at Abydos".

More interesting however is the suggestion that Thoth's feminine counterpart was Seshat.

Who is Seshat ?

Again according to crystalinks Seshat is the consort Queen/wife of Thoth the Scribe. Thoth, the deity who writes the history of humanity through time.

Seshat invented writing according to myth which allowed time events to be recorded, therefore she becomes the matron of knowledge. Seshat was a female scribe and priestess and as the consort of Thoth, the goddess of scribes.

Notice in the image that Thoth is Ankh'ing Seti.

Who is Seti ?

Seti is the father of Ramesses II who is 3rd King of the 19th Dynasty and husband of Nefertari ( only one of his consort wives ). However she is such a favorite that she becomes the idol of one of the palaces at Abu Sembal.

But wait Seti might also be Set which is the dark jackal brother of Osiris.

This image is found at Abydos and shows Seti I offering a sheperds staff to lord Horus. Painted on the wall of the Temple of Seti I at Abydos.

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